Hail Redskins fans!

HAIL! is an innovative digital magazine devoted to all things Redskins. This weekly e-publication is free and goes far beyond the content of a typical sports publication.

In addition to thoroughly covering each game of the NFL season, HAIL! magazine will also give Redskins fans an inside look at the players they love to root for. Whether it be in-depth personality features or a behind-the-scenes look at life away from the field, HAIL! magazine will give fans insider access that most can only dream of.

Other regular features include: game changer of the week, player spotlight, cheerleader profile, photo galleries, “where are they now?” feature on former players, and articles highlighting the unsung heroes within the organization, including scouts, coaches, front-office people and more.

The team behind HAIL! has a combined 20 years of experience with the team and strong personal relationships with players allowing for in-depth features and articles that no other publication can match. Contributors include award-winning journalists, as well as former members of the Washington Times staff and veterans of other sports publications.

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